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TUTAS Students Receive Award for Short + Sweet Arts Festival

Short + Sweet is a yearly International festival organised by The Actor's Studio and Kuala Lumpur Performing Arts Central comprising various performing arts categories including Theatre, Dance, Comedy, Music and Musical Theatre. For this year, the Festival Directors Award was awarded to TUTAS student, Charity Yong for her piece titled MeeTooLah , written by FA Abdul and performed by students of TUTAS (Taylor’s University and The Actors Studio), Daniel Hussain, Feyee Bethany, Nicholas Lai and Skyler Lim together with Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Programme alumnus, Tin Rahman. This award can be seen as a validation of the skills imparted in our Performing Arts programme together with the TUTAS team. This collaboration is aspiring new artists in Malaysia, while aligning with our mission to produce industry-ready professionals in the field of performing arts.


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