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Uncovering Malaysian Baba Nyonya Food Heritage - "CENDOL"

25 students from the School of Food Studies & Gastronomy (SFSG) and School of Media & Communication (SOMAC) accompanied by 3 lecturers from the two schools went to Melaka to discover and film the Baba Nyonya Food Heritage, which is part of Malaysian Food culture. This is part of the 'Food Media' and 'Narrative Journalism' module assignment under Multidisciplinary Learning Experience arrangement. Hence, students from different programmes and backgrounds went on the trip and completed the assignment together.

The objective of the educational trip was to learn more about “Cendol”, one of the traditional desserts in Melaka. The students found out about the history of the dish and learnt the correct method of making traditional “Cendol” from the experts at Makan@Avenue. The Owner and Manager of Makan@Avenue at Kampung Hulu Melaka explained in detail about the history, process and secret of making the traditional “Cendol”. During the tour, students filmed the “Cendol” making process and interviewed the Restaurant Owner to collect information for their assignment.

Students also appreciated the emphasis taken by the Restaurant Owner to preserve the traditional food culture amidst fast food trend and global food exposure. Information and resources gathered during the trip will be used to produce a food heritage video and write up on “Cendol”. The video and write up will be published on social media and magazines with the aim of uncovering Malaysian rich culture to the younger generation.


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