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Unleashing Talent | Mandarin Oriental Welcomes the Next Generation of Taylor's STEP Students

In a magnificent adoption ceremony held at Mandarin Oriental Kuala Lumpur, which officially welcomed 12 Batch 6 of the Taylor’s unique Student Employment Programme (STEP) students from the Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (BIHM) programme, with an ultimate aim of securing a job at the world’s leading hospitality company since March 2023 before they graduate. We are thrilled to continue the legacy of the STEP in collaboration with Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group, one of the world’s largest luxury hotel and resort group, as it has proved to be a mutually beneficial relationship.

This programme provides students with invaluable practical experience, exposure to the industry and skill development. STEP students will have a 2 years head start and would be able to continue working after graduation around the globe and have rewarding careers. The hotel industry on the other hand has the best opportunity to map their long-term recruitment plans and secure top-of-the-class talents from Taylor’s University, from all over the world, to be part of their organization’s talent pipeline. Through ongoing efforts and collaborations, the initiatives of STEP plays a crucial role in shaping the next generation of hospitality professionals and driving the industry forward.

Congratulations to all the Batch 6 Mandarin Oriental STEP students on this exciting adoption, marking the beginning of an incredible journey filled with exploration and exposure within the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group!!


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