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Venue Inspection by DE14

For the 12 students in DE 14, the classroom for the day was at 3 different venues. As part of the module content for Event Venues & Facilities (EVT40104), these 1st semester students took a closer look at the 3 different spaces to organise events. They compared the exhibition halls at various levels of Putra World Trade Centre (PWTC), and then hopped on the bus to Chow Kit to inspect a notorious part of KL where gangsters and drunks used to hang out. “Slate at The Row” is now a trendy upmarket row of eateries and spaces at The Row can now host respectable events such as weddings, product launches and workshops. The group also visited a well kept secret for weddings called the Zebra Square. This venue, located near Kampung Pandan, can be transformed into a classy venue for wedding receptions with its ample indoor and outdoor spaces. The day’s lesson ended with a group of tired yet inspired students wanting more.


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