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Teacher / Quantum Learning Site Facilitator 

Taylor's International School Puchong

​“Teaching fascinates me. I have had so many joyous and meaningful moments with my learners in the classroom over these years of teaching at Taylor’s International School Puchong. During one of the classes when my 10-year-old learner was shown a screen with the word “red” that is colored black, asked the question: “Why does our brain choose to look at the word even though we are asked to say the color out instead?” This question is one of the “AHA!” moments that I experienced from interactions with my learners from time to time.

These enlightening moments have made teaching enjoyable for me and allow me to impart knowledge and teach my learners the skills they need. They have also enriched my time as a teacher through the wonderful experiences such as their morning greetings, their narrative stories, them learning how to add two mixed fractions, then learning how to resolve friendship conflicts, and others.

During these few years of teaching, I was able to apply what I had learned at Taylor’s University, such as classroom management, assessment and analysis, research methodologies, as well as educational workshops organized by the lecturers from Taylor’s University School of Education. At the University, in addition to lectures and tutorials, we were also given ample opportunities to conduct professional practicums between semesters with schools affiliated to the University. I find this a great avenue to put theory into practice as it allows me to develop a sense of familiarity and confidence in a school setting prior to commencing work. All these meaningful learning experiences have shaped me into who I am today, a more competent and confident primary school teacher whose passion and greatest wish is to be able to touch the lives of people with whom I cross paths.”

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