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Principal, Taylor's International School Kuala Lumpur

Adjunct Associate Professor

Mr Peter Wells has driven the transformation of Sri Garden (a Malaysian curriculum school) to now Taylor’s International School, KL. He has a deep passion for education, and personalized learning is one of his focuses. Everyone is different and schools and education need to reflect this and support the individual to achieve their best. Celebrating student success is a theme he has brought to the school. Coming from a British and International background, he knows how important the all-round holistic education that Taylor’s International School has been promoting, the academic work a student does is only one part of the whole package including sport, performance and community work.

Marco Damhuis.png


Head of Primary, Taylor's International School Puchong

Adjunct Associate Professor

Mr Marco Damhuis has 10 years of experience as a Primary Head Teacher and 3 years of experience as Head of School. He was the Founding Principal of the International School of London in Surrey. Within two years the school was the first IPC (International Primary Curriculum) accredited school in the UK and within 4 years, it reached the highest level of accreditation, again being the first school in the UK to achieve this. In 2014, Marco was asked by the IPC publishers, Fieldwork Education, to start working for them as an accreditor and trainer for the IPC. Since then, he has supported schools and teachers across the world, combining this with his work as a school leader. His special interests within education include mind, brain and education science, global citizenship, mother tongue education, leadership development and inclusion.



Campus Principal, Tenby Schools Setia Eco Park

Adjunct Associate Professor

Mr Iaian Sallis has been in Education for more than 20 years. As a senior leader, he has vast experience of school improvement strategies and has worked in schools with a variety of contexts and intakes. He has written modules for the NPQSL programmes and has led facilitation in face to face days at both NPQH and NPQSL level. He has experience of key note speaking in a variety of levels from Universities of Sussex and Brighton and key note at professional conferences. In 2019 he moved to be Campus Principal at Setia Eco Park, the flagship campus in Malaysia with 2000 students and 260 staff. He oversees 4 schools including International and Private National School both at Primary and Secondary level. He as an Executive Member of the Association of International Malaysian Schools and a registered assessor for Council of International Schools and Western Association of Schools and Colleges, writes articles for international educational magazines including the TES.



Lead Teacher Mentor, Nexus International School Malaysia

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Datin Sahmalah is a facilitator who provides a stimulating and positive environment and guides learners in their learning and exploration of personal meaning and feelings. To achieve this, she provides a classroom where learners feel safe, relaxed and develop a high sense of self-esteem and confidence and where praise and positive reinforcement will dominate the classroom. She believes in leading learners towards taking personal responsibility for their own learning, as well as encourage learners to be independent thinkers, to know their strengths and to be proud of who they are. Implicit in a learner-centred approach is her commitment to a balanced education with attention given to the intellectual, aesthetic, physical and emotional needs of the learners.



Whole School Deputy Head, Garden International School

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Mr David is an experienced classroom practitioner with proven leadership and management skills. His experiences have provided him with a global perspective on education and enabled him to develop skills, knowledge and understanding that are needed to work with a Whole School Leadership Team to effectively build on a school’s success and deliver a world-class education. He is committed to a collegial style of leadership that inspires and motivates others and demonstrate expertise in supporting staff in school development practices that ensure all children are successful and achieve their full personal potential.



Assistant Head of Primary, Taylor’s International School Puchong

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Mr David moved to Japan to teach English as a foreign language after graduating from University in 2002. This sparked his interest in education, and he began his journey into understanding how learning takes place. He then decided to qualify as a UK trained teacher and he returned to University. His career has continued to focus on that upper primary and lower secondary aspect of school; this includes teaching Mathematics to 8-13 years old in an exclusive London Private School and teaching Year 7 in an International School in Tokyo, Japan. He enjoyed taking these experiences into his current role as a founding member of the TISPC leadership team in December 2014. David passionately believes that schooling with an international perspective taught through the medium of the English language allows children to access the global community and gain insight into all cultures around the world. 



Deputy Head of Junior School, Australian International School Malaysia

Adjunct Senior Lecturer

Ms Leigh’s teaching and leadership style has been strongly influenced by the research of Professor John Hattie and his mind frames. Striving to engage learners through accurate data driven planning that is tailored to each individual’s zone of proximal development is essential. Supporting own colleagues and inspiring one another to achieve remarkable learning growth for every individual is possible through a collaborative approach. Leigh knows the importance of establishing positive relationships and getting to know her students, colleagues, and parents interests, strengths and backgrounds. With more than 15 years of experience in leading and teaching all levels of Primary School. She draws upon a strong ICT and Diverse Needs background, along with a passion for Mindfulness. Challenges excite her and she loves being an educator.

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