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A Panel Discussion with Field Experts on “Cyberbullying: Is it an Overrated Phenomenon?”

Taylor’s School of Education hosted an online panel discussion entitled “Cyberbullying: Is it an Overrated Phenomenon” on the 25th of February 2022 conducted via Zoom platform. This panel discussion aimed to shed light on cases of cyberbullying in Malaysian schools during the COVID-19 pandemic when students have increased exposure to digital tools and social media platforms due to the shift to online learning. Four field experts graced this educational event.

As a panelist, Prof. Dr. Nee Nee Chan, Dean of Faculty of Social Sciences, UCSI University shared her insights on cyberbullying cases based on her extensive research in Malaysian primary and secondary schools. She was joined by Mr. Surenthiran Pillai A/L Venayagam Pillai, a Psychology Officer, Public Service Department (JPA), Malaysia who talked about the causes and effects of cyberbullying on students from a counselor’s perspective.

In addition, two teachers from Nexus International School, Ms. Janine Grassby and Ms. Siti Zaleha Maulad Abdul Hamid discussed their perspectives and experiences in handling cyberbullying cases among primary school students. The session was moderated by Dr. Joseph Malaluan Velarde, Lecture, School of Education, Taylor's University.

During the panel discussion, detection; intervention; prevention measures; and school policies were presented to inform the public how cyberbullying cases could be mitigated. At the end of the session, the panelists agreed that cyberbullying should be discarded as an overrated phenomenon but should be dealt with seriously by any concerned citizen for the benefit of the students. More than 60 participants registered and attended this online panel discussion.


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