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A Young Entrepreneur & Taylor's Alumna - Witness Lee Jia En, Creative Director of WuRen Production

Mr. Witness Lee Jia En, a young entrepreneur, who started his own production company after completing the Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Honours) (Events Management) programme from the School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events. Witness Lee discovered his interest in photography and video production during his final year at Taylor’s University. After graduating from the programme, he decided to pursue the creative media industry as his career.

With 1½ years of experience and preparations, Witness Lee established his own production company, WuRen Production. WuRen Production is a Media Production company which provides marketing and branding services such as commercial video, corporate video, product shoot and digital marketing as well as collaboration with various companies to provide professional services to the clients. His passion in production has led him to work very well in leading the production company and he has finally found a skillset which is unique to the journey of his business, which is Color Grading.

With his learning experience from the Events Management programme, he could plan projects quickly in the simplest and most convenient way to serve a client. By using fundamental knowledge and coordination skills, he has boosted his experience in the actual industry workflow, which has given him a slight advantage over the others of the same generation. WuRen Production started off under the guidance of a mentor from Stellar Education Group. Witness Lee was lucky to have met his mentor who was willing to give him the resources needed to build up a business as well as unlimited business entrepreneurship knowledge for this industry.

Witness Lee is grateful for his mentor’s guidance and advice which has allowed him to strive in the media production industry despite the many challenges caused by the COVID-19 Pandemic. Witness has always had three beliefs in mind, which are being persistent, never giving up, and having faith in managing whatever you are facing.

“Be persistent in knowing why you built this company and what you want to achieve. Without trying, you will never know what works best for you. Have faith in your decision and situation. Even if things go bad, trust that things will get better and good luck will come to you.” - Witness Lee Jia En


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