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Adaptability Enforces Creativity and Creativity is Adaptability

The School of Media and Communication organized its Public Relations Webinar on 6th May 2020. Mr. Bon Zainal was the invited guest speaker and the topic of Webinar was "Adaptability Enforces Creativity and Creativity is Adaptability".

Mr. Bon Zainal, the Director of Bon Zainal Boutique and Chief Creative Director of Bon Fashion Legacy Sdn Bhd stressed in his talk on the importance of self-discipline, always being prepared and being respectful and accountable, as these are the key elements when creating the best first impression to clients.

The objective of the Webinar was to give an insight on how Public Relations students should adapt to the new normal while maintaining creativity in presenting themselves, especially the online communication. Mr. Bon Zainal who is also the President of Bumiputera Designer Association focused on image presentation in terms of dressing and background setting when one is having an online meeting.

His informal approach during the Webinar was well received by approximately 80 participants. Both Taylor’s lecturers and students participated in the Question and Answer session directly with Mr. Bon while others used the ZOOM group chat to ask questions. The questions asked include those related to his life experiences in building his own brand. The participants, especially the students, found the session was very engaging.

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