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Clinical Psychology Students' Participation in “KAMI Sembang & KAMI Juara” Community Service Project

As the saying goes “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give”, the students from the Master of Clinical Psychology programme took initiative in joining the community service projects “KAMI Sembang & KAMI Juara” organized by Thrive Well.

Thrive Well is a social enterprise with a mission to expand trauma-informed community mental health services to individuals, communities and organizations, particularly the marginalized and high-needs communities, in a sustainable manner. They provide "CARE" to the community through a comprehensive range of programs and services. Along with their partners, their goal is to make mental health services accessible to everyone.

"Keluarga Akrab Mencapai Impian (KAMI)" is the programme involves participation of at least one parent and one youth aged 12-19, and aims to develop family functioning and resilience. "KAMI Juara" caters to young people aged 12 - 19 to go through a series of 12 workshops that focus on building self-efficacy and resilience over a span of 3 - 4 months. Out of those workshops, several sessions are dedicated to a community service project dependent on the interest and goals of the participants. Whereby, "KAMI Sembang" serves as a platform for parents to connect, share resources and ultimately form a support network. Sessions typically focus on themes around managing stress, communication and conflict resolution over a course of 4 - 5 sessions.

Thrive Well has launched a few Community Development Programmes that predominantly focused on the lower socio-economic group (B40). There were 8 students from the third batch of the Master of Clinical Psychology programme who showed high interest and passion in learning and participating in this community service opportunity. The students attended a series of briefing and training sessions organized by Thrive Well from January to February 2023,

Following that, the students will obtain firsthand practical skills in meeting and supporting youth aged 12 to 19 and their parents to build self-efficacy and resilience. As the students are now a Trainee Clinical Psychologists conducting their clinical practicum, participation in this community service is deemed beneficial for them to gain experience and develop professionally.

One of the students, Ms. Manesha A/P P. Puvanaguroo stated that “I’m glad that I participated in this project as I am able to apply the skills learned from the classroom and merged it with the practical briefings and trainings from Thrive Well. I am looking forward to applying what I have learned and practiced when I’m seeing the youth and their parents soon!”.

Taylor’s University truly wishes that the students enhance their learning opportunities beyond the classroom and flourish into competent Clinical Psychologists with vast exposure to different walks of life. These kinds of experiences will not only benefit the students but would give an impact to the society by receiving the best support possible from Taylor’s University’s future Clinical Psychologists.


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