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Enabling Real-Life Learning - MoA between Taylor’s University & Malaysian Mental Health Association

The Bachelor of Psychology (Hons), Master of Clinical Psychology and Master of Counselling programme at Taylor’s University successfully signed a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) on the 17th of March 2022 with Malaysian Mental Health Association (MMHA), one of Malaysia’s first non-governmental organization on mental health registered under the Societies act 1966 headed by Prof. Dato’ Dr. Andrew Mohanraj. The Malaysian Mental Health Association is a non-profit voluntary organization that aims to support people with mental health problems to live a fulfilling life, without stigma and discrimination.

The association is run by an elected committee of interested persons and professionals in the community that are able to support their vision and cause. Their support includes providing therapy and rehabilitation service for the mentally ill, provide support to caregivers and family members of the mentally ill, promote and advocate mental health in the community, raise the standard of treatment, prevention and research in the field of mental health and safeguard the interest and welfare of psychiatric patients.

Taylor’s aims to be a high-impact agent of change in Psychology, and thus we intend to provide opportunities for our students to exercise their learned skills at facilities that can create an impact in the community. Malaysian Mental Health Association is an excellent avenue for this purpose as they are an establishment that is run by mental health professionals and community leaders which sight to work with various organizations and communities to pursue social awareness, create inclusive legislations and provide greater accessibility to mental health service for all.

Working with MMHA, a strong advocate of mental health in the country would be a good opportunity for our students to further create impact and be a catalyst for positive transformation in the society. Students will be able to engage in real life learning through immersing themselves at internship placements and practicums that provide rich experience and opportunity to be successful psychologists and counsellors in the future. Acknowledging the change happening globally, the increasing need for mental health educators, researchers, and practitioners in the country can't be emphasized more.

Taylor’s recognizes the importance of reimagining the future of mental health and is proud to share that we are on board, moving with the change and hope to be the driver of positive change in the future.


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