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Gamification: Your Secret Weapon to Turbocharge Your Virtual Learning

Gamification creates a significant difference in today's remote teaching and learning world, as many educators are using it to gamify their learning experiences. Educators see many advantages of incorporating gamification elements in the classroom, such as increased learner interaction and participation. Furthermore, the gaming industry has clout in the field of education because gamification encourages learning by play. In partnership with The Design School, the School of Education hosted the first webinar of the year on 4th March 2021, titled GAMIFICATION: Your Hidden Tool to Turbocharge Your Virtual Learning.

The two guest speakers Dr. Charles Sharma Naidu, a senior lecturer in Game Studies and Contextual Studies from Taylor's Design School, and Ms. Fauziah Ismail, the Managing Director at MEDTECQUE SDN BHD, which is an Exclusive Business Partner for Growth Engineering, an Award-Winning organisation in the field of gamification and e-learning which is based in the United Kingdom. The session was moderated by Dr. P. Thivilojana from School of Education. This event attracted over 150 people from various education institution around the world. The main highlight of this webinar session's discussed about the application of knowledge in the area of Arcade Gamification. It had enabled participants to experience gamification firsthand and understand how gamification and immersive online virtual learning work. Following the webinar, there was a lively Q&A session.


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