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Giving Back to the Society: Art Therapy for Children & Women from Refugee Schools and B40 Community

Taylor’s Community invited Ms. Pang Chia Yee, Lecturer, School of Liberal Arts and Sciences to conduct the Art Therapy workshops for the children and women from Refugee Schools and B40 Community.

On 18 February 2022, Ms. Pang conducted an Art Therapy session where we use art materials as the creative process to explore emotions and understand psychological conflicts. The activity was joined by over 70 participants from Refugee Schools and B40 Community with the support by 14 Taylor's Bachelor of Psychology (Hons) Programme students who have volunteered as the facilitators. After each session, the participants were broken down into groups with their respective facilitators to start the creative process and explore emotions for the participants through specific themes that they had to draw.

The second Art Therapy session on 25 February 2022 was conducted in Bahasa Melayu. We had children from various marginalized backgrounds who came together to practice the art therapy.

The last session was held on 8 March 2022 in conjunction with the International Women’s Day. Women from our community exercised their own creative process and explored emotions via participant sharing sessions. The ladies were extremely energetic and open to communication throughout the session!


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