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"MyTULENSeed" Student Campaign Takes Second Place in Asia Pacific Public Relations Awards 2023

Congratulations to Taylor's School of Media and Communication who won second place in the Asia Pacific Public Relations Awards 2023 (APAC) for its Public Relations student campaign - "MyTULENSeed". The "MyTULENSeed" campaign was created by 16 final year Public Relations students with the aim to raise awareness on the importance of certified seeds in farming and to educate farmers the benefits of these certified seeds. Among the benefits of these certified seeds include increasing crop yields and improvement in plant health. The campaign also highlighted the risks associated when using uncertified or "pirated" seeds.

The campaign, which was a collaboration with the Department of Agriculture (DOA), utilized a variety of tactics, including promotions using the social media platforms and DOA website, as well as an online forum to engage with various stakeholders to promote the use of certified seeds. The campaign also worked closely with both local and international agricultural organizations and government agencies to gain support and to promote the message.

The success of this campaign is a testament of the creative and innovative approach employed by the students in addressing critical issues in the agriculture industry. It has also highlighted the importance of the roles played by Public Relations in creating positive change in society and serves as a reminder on the power of effective communication. The campaign was carried out under the supervision of Ms. G. Manickam Govindaraju, the lecturer for the Public Relations Events Consultancy module, a final year project for the Bachelor of Mass Communication in Public Relations and Event Management programme. The award ceremony is an annual event organized by the Public Relations & Communications Association, Asia Pacific region (PRCA APAC).


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