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Online Guest Lecture by Associate Professor Paul Judd, Drake University, USA

As part of our pursuit in enhancing student learning, students at Taylor’s ADP who are enrolled in Statistics modules this Winter Semester were treated to a guest lecture by Associate Professor Paul Judd over the course of two nights. Professor Paul is an Associate Professor of Statistics and Actuarial Science at Drake University. His students at Drake have the nicest things to say about him “amazing, incredible, nicest, 11/10 for funniness and daddy material” are some of the many positive accolades written about him.

Prior to his lectures, Professor Paul took effort to provide our students with notes and examples; he did an amazing job delivering his lectures to them in an online environment. His lectures were conducted well and they were highly interactive, he got the students to volunteer their answers and, in some cases, volunteered them! Our students were appreciative of the classes and the effort put in to bring this experience into their classroom.


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