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Recruitment Webinars: Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program

Several recruitment webinars were recently organized by the Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program for the upcoming May 2021 Summer intake.

The first webinar entitled "Taylor’s Virtual Visit" was held on 23rd April 2021 and included 6 leading public universities from the United States; University of Oregon, University of Colorado Boulder, University of Missouri, University of Wisconsin-Madison, Rutgers University and the University of Vermont. The opening message was presented by Ms. Prema Ponnudurai, Head of Department, Department of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Liberal Arts & Sciences, Faculty of Social Sciences & Leisure Management, Taylor’s University.

The admissions personnel from each of these universities provided an overview of their respective universities & highlighted pertinent issues such as academic expectations, transfer options, scholarships offered and support services for international students. This webinar was attended by about 80 active participants who forwarded several questions to these personnel to better understand how they could follow through with the transfer process.

The second recruitment webinar held on 24th April 2021 was in the form of a ‘school visit’ to Pay Fong Middle School in Melaka. The webinar titled “American Degree Program: Info Session” was hosted by StudyQuest Education Services and was conducted in English and Mandarin. Dr. Loh Kah Heng, Program Director of ADTP, delivered the opening remarks.

He introduced and explained how the American Degree Transfer Program works. Ms. Lim You Ping, Senior Lecturer at ADTP, spoke about Student Engagement and the many activities that students will get to experience while studying at Taylor’s ADTP. Ms. Gan Chai Lian, Taylor’s University Placement Manager, wrapped up the webinar with her session on the Transfer Pathways to US Universities as well as transfer opportunities to other universities in Canada and Australia.

The third webinar in this series entitled “Taylor’s ADTP – Your Gateway to an International Degree” was held on 15th May 2021. The aim of this webinar was to highlight the importance of studying abroad and how Taylor’s ADTP prepares students and helps them transfer successfully to the university of their choice. The opening remarks was delivered by the Program Director Dr. Loh Kah Heng, who also spoke on Study Abroad Opportunities. Ms. Gan Chai Lian, Taylor’s University Placement Manager delivered her session on Transfer Pathways to world renowned universities in the United States, Canada and Australia.

The guest speakers in this webinar were Mr. Pierre-Louis Romain Genier, Taylor’s University, Director of Transnational Education and Ms. May Ng, Education USA adviser at MACEE. Mr. Pierre spoke on the importance of an international education and Ms. May shared her take on the many stages of cultural adjustment as students transition into US culture and society. This webinar was attended by local students as well as international students outside of Malaysia. The webinars generated positive responses from participants who “found the sessions very informative” and that they have “learnt a lot” and now “understand more” about the American Degree Transfer Program at Taylor’s University.


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