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Remote Teaching and Learning with Refugee and Stateless Students from Yayasan Chow Kit, Led by SoED

A group of students from the Introduction to Applied Linguistics 2 module and their lecturer Dr. P. Thivilojana led a project to empower the marginalised children through an educational initiative. This group of prospective teachers have opted to carry out their final project by conducting a micro-teaching session with students from Yayasan Chow Kit, Kuala Lumpur. This project aims to generate awareness among teacher trainees about refugee and stateless children and the social matters affecting these children.

Realising that education can make a difference, these students have stepped out of their norm to teach these children English for a day. It was an eye-opener as well as an enriching experience to both our future teachers and the students from this centre as they were given the opportunity to learn virtually and be engaged with one another using Google Meet as their communication platform that has created a positive change towards their teaching and learning process. Overall, these future teachers obtained real-life experiences managing students from diverse backgrounds and impacting the society positively.


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