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Revisiting Inclusive Classrooms

According to the Special Education Regulations 2013 under the Education Act 1996, Inclusive Education is "An education programme for students with special educational needs in which they can attend in the same classroom together with other students." Malaysia, like many other countries, recognizes the need for inclusive education.

Malaysia acknowledged inclusive education and has pledged a commitment to the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025. However, practice is inconsistent due to the complexities and variability in implementation, particularly in the Malaysian education system. Therefore, a roundtable discussion was held to discuss and review “How "Inclusive" is our Inclusive Education?”.

Taylor's School of Education invited four Experts to share their experiences and knowledge. They were Dr. Victoria Bamsey, Associate Head of School Plymouth Institute of Education, University of Plymouth; Mr. Phil McCabe, Head of Inclusion, Nexus International School; Ms. Feilina S Y Muhammad Feisol, Board Member of National Autism Society of Malaysia (NASOM) and Ronald McDonald House of Charity (RMHC); and Ms. Nalina Nadesu, Educational Therapist, NNP Education Consultancy. The session was moderated by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Logendra Stanley Ponniah, Head of School, School of Education, Taylor's University.

A total of 120 participants attended the session, including Early Childhood Education (ECE) and Special Educational Needs (SEN) students from higher education institutions, ECE and SEN Teachers, Centre Principals and Operators, Counselors and parents. The participants were very interactive and posted many questions to the Panel Speakers. The roundtable discussion was well received with positive feedback.


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