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SFSG Masterclass Series with Adjunct Senior Lecturers - Chef Norman Musa & Chef Rene Johari

Final year students from Bachelor of Culinary Management were honored to attend a Masterclass Series by our Adjunct Senior Lecturer - Chef Norman Musa from Netherlands and Chef Rene Johari from Dubai through Zoom and SFSG FB live.

Chef Norman Musa who is a Celebrity Chef and a book author shared his experience on preparing the two classical Dutch Cuisine Bitterballen and Stampo with the students. An e-book was provided to the students as reference on his demonstration.

While Chef Rene Johari, an Executive Chef at Hilton Dubai shared about the professional approach in developing a dish using limited amount and similar number of ingredients. He also shared the art and techniques of plating using the professional approach in the industry.

From this Masterclass Series, the students learnt to distinguish and apply the methods of creating and developing a new dish in a professional manner as well as to identify and relate the similarity of food preparation based on the global trends and practices.


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