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Sharing Session with the Hotel Industry Leaders

Year One students usually grapple with the challenges of going through their first year in university, especially now when there are so many changes happening in the Hospitality industry due to COVID-19. This webinar was organized to give students a taste of Hospitality Management from the insights of hotel leaders about leadership and management of the present and future of the industry.

Both the leaders, Mr. David Xavier, General Manager of Impiana Hotel KLCC and Mr. Kirinjit Singh, Operations Manager of AC Hotels Malaysia shared their experiences, their challenges, their motivating drives, their passion to be in the industry, and various tips about being a super leader. This webinar was attended by 85 students. Many of them had interesting questions for the speakers, such as why they chose the hospitality industry, what strategies they had used to keep business afloat in current times, how they managed diversity, and what changes they expected to see when COVID-19 was over.


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