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Speakers Series on “Eating-In During MCO: Food Cultures at a New Frontier”

The School of Food Studies and Gastronomy has launched its Speakers Series with a session titled “Eating-In During MCO: Food Cultures at a New Frontier”. Focusing on the unprecedented disruptions of our routines, the webinar has unfolded many social intertwinements of food in the global food systems. This unusual period constitutes lenses to question food in our very daily experiences that this webinar has reflected upon.

Dr. Elise Mognard, Programme Director of Postgraduate Programmes in Food Studies at Taylor’s University, opened the discussion with an overview of the MCO situation and how it affects our foodways and food systems in Malaysia and worldwide. She also focused on social change during and after the lockdown period. The other two speakers addressed the industry challenges and strategies.

Chef Nadzri Mohd Alim, Stream Coordinator, Bachelor of Culinary Management Programme began the session by asking, "what is the impact of the MCO on hotel & restaurant operations and how they need to innovate their products and services to meet these challenges?". His insights were complemented by Dr. Chong Li Choo, Programme Director of Bachelor of Science (Culinology) Programme, School of Food Studies and Gastronomy on the food industry. She talked about the implications for the response of food industry players in terms of food delivery.

She opened the discussion on short and long term innovations related to food safety that this unprecedented situation is nurturing. An engaging questions and answers session, on the technical matters, moderated by Dr. Raul Matta and Dr. Kuan Yau Hoong, concluded this webinar.

As indicated by Pn. Siti Ramadhaniatun Ismail, Head of School of Food Studies and Gastronomy at Taylor’s University, the Speakers Series aims at featuring the expertise of scholars and alumni of the School while providing a platform for national and regional dialogue on societal and industrial issues pertaining to food and gastronomy.


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