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Success Story of ADTP Student Transfer to University of Wyoming (UW)

Mr. Adam Hamsani studied American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) at Taylor’s University. Studying at Taylor’s was an eye-opening experience for him due to the exposure to American education which prepared him for his arrival to study in the US. According to Mr. Adam, he had “a smooth transition from ADTP to Wyoming and quickly adapted to life in the US.” Also, the transfer process from Taylor’s ADTP to UW was very easy because students had historically transferred to UW from Taylor’s.

Due to this, getting his Taylor’s ADTP classes transferred was also an easy process for Adam. He has successfully transferred to University of Wyoming (UW) as a Business student and took advantage of the high-quality education at UW by being engaged in classes with his American peers. Adam also participates in a lot of activities in Laramie.

Through these activities, he involved with different communities that keep him engaged and provide him with some fun. Being in the heart of the great outdoors, Adam’s favorite activity is to get out into nature and fish near the beautiful mountains and lakes. Apart from that, he also enjoyed mushroom foraging and hunting. Adam feels that spending quality time outdoors is something that you can uniquely do in Wyoming. Due to the lack of pollution and Laramie’s clear skies, stargazing is also another activity that Adam liked as he could easily see the stars.


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