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Taylor’s ADP Student Socially Innovates to Improve Lives - The DuckiePi Project

The DuckiePi Project was initiated due to the inevitable lockdown necessitated by the recent Covid-19 pandemic. Much of the teaching and learning activities across the nation have been forced to migrate to online learning platforms. However, not every individual is privileged enough to access these platforms as he or she does not have the necessary devices to do so in the first place.

The project was spearheaded by Taylor’s ADP student, Mr. Bernard Yap Kah Huan, who is currently working at Me.Reka Makerspace. His team kick started the Taylor’s DuckiePi project last year, hoping to make a difference in their community to slay barriers, reach greater heights, and extend the beacon of hope to those in need.

They tirelessly worked to find ways to develop functional, yet cost-efficient devices to be donated to children who do not have access to e-learning. According to Bernard, they were aiming to create the prototype of e-learning device by mid of March, mass produce and send it to B40 families. Thus, they needed funds to mass produce the device. A donation drive has been launched to collect a sum of RM10,000 for this purpose. We humbly invite everyone to donate to support this initiative. You can place your donation at Taylor’s University is committed to match the total donation amount that is collected at the end of this donation drive!


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