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Taylor's American Degree Transfer Program STEM Challenge Brings Out Innovative Spirit of Students

Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) Challenge, a yearly event that was recently held at Taylor's University Lakeside Campus with participation from over 100 high-school students. The event also saw parents and teachers who accompanied the students, cheering them in their activities. Taylor’s ADTP students helped out their lecturers to ensure the smooth running of the event. This year’s challenge consisted of three tasks, which were to create a water bottle rocket, an elastic powered car and a solar cooker, all using typical household items. The morning started off with a welcoming session and opening remarks by the ADTP Program Director, Dr. Loh Kah Heng.

The participants were also fortunate to have an opportunity to listen to Mr. Yi-Min Ha, an Alumni of Taylor’s ADTP and Adjunct Associate Professor at Taylor’s University, via Zoom, all the way from the United States. Mr. Yi spoke about the lessons learned from his studies and career in STEM from the time he started studying at Taylor’s ADTP Malaysia to his university days in the United States and to his present job as a Senior Project Manager at Q-Free in Portland, Oregon. Following that, participants were sent to their workstations to design and develop their prototypes in preparation for the afternoon.

The highlight of the event commenced after lunch, when all were gathered at the University Square to witness the participants’ efforts at launching their water bottle rocket, moving their newly designed racing car powered by just two pieces of rubber bands and getting their solar cooker to work under the sun.

The event concluded with the closing ceremony led by ADTP’s Engineering & Science Stream Coordinator, Dr. Wong Yau Hsiung, who announced the winners and the Program Director, Dr. Loh Kah Heng who gave away the prizes. It was a successful event, albeit an arduous one. The participants thoroughly enjoyed the activities and challenges, had lots of fun and look forward to return for another ADTP event.


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