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Taylor's Culinary Institute Cooking Masterclass "Nose, Fin to Tail" by Michelin Starred Chefs

Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI) has been constantly seeking ways to improve student’s learning experience and one of them is bringing professional industry chefs to the students. TCI is proud to have Michelin Starred Chef Rikard Hult and Chef Marc Viala from Restaurant L'epicurien in Toulouse to conduct the Masterclass series with Diploma in Culinary Arts and Advanced Diploma in Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine students.

The theme of the Masterclass was "Nose, Fin to Tail" on the topic of Salmon, following the "No Wastage" concept. This session included the skill of fileting a whole salmon, cutting of beef, and how different ways of cutting could help in minimizing wastage but still be presentable to the guests. Chef Marc and Chef Rikard especially highlighted the need of minimizing wastage when running a restaurant in the competitive industry. Both Chefs had also shared the ideas on how to run a profitable restaurant empire and the storing tips to ensure the ingredients be kept fresh to prolong their shelf life.

It was an eye-opening not only to TCI students but also the Chef Lecturers showing the latest trends in the industry.


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