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Taylor’s Culinology Win Big in The RCA 2021 Competition

Student Culinology® Competition

For the 5th consecutive years, Taylor's Culinology Students crowned champion in the Research Chefs Association (RCA) Student Culinology® Competition. The 2021 Student Culinology® Competition was designed to promote healthier food that can be served at the students' own universities. 2nd place won by California Polytechnic University Pomona and 3rd place is Mississippi State University. This year, Team AIELO won first place and walked away USD 2500 by developing a heart-healthy, flavorful and trendy "Better for You" school meal - Bab.La. Bab.La entailed an ingenious use of lion’s mane mushroom as the meat alternative for kebab, pairing with hummus and almond filling to add depth to the mouthfeel which enveloped inside roti jala with a pretty lattice design. Bab.La is served with refreshing cucumber raita dip that has a hint of wasabi to tease the palate.

Food Evolution Competition

Taylor's Culinology students Celine Chan Lin Hui and Goh Chia Vi won champion in the 2021 RCA Food Evolution Competition! They have successfully developed Tandoori flavored nutritious chips using palm peel fiber and pure moringa vegetable powder with their advisors Dr. Benjamin Wong Tziak Ze and former advisor Dr. Kuan Yau Hoong. The Food Evolution Competition challenged students to formulate sustainable commercialized products, increase nutritional content through value-added processing and troubleshoot cost reduction strategies within the evolution of foods to allow us to feed the future.

BlueNalu Essay Competition

In partnership with the Culinology Education Foundation, BlueNalu offered a scholarship to the best essay that answers, “What does it mean to you to Eat Blue™?” Taylor's Culinology students Clarissha Vallerie Widjaja, mentored by Dr. Benjamin Wong Tziak Ze and Ayesha Arshad won the first and second place. Third place won by student from California Polytechnic State University Pomona. Both of them used story telling approaches to describe their mission in creating great impacts towards ocean optimism and seafood sustainability. Clarissha shared her story on “Blue Strike by The Wavemakers: Towards a Sustainable and Healthy Ocean”, and Ayesha wrote an interesting essay about "The Future of Life Inside the Blue Gold."

Liew Hew Kei Won Double Scholarship

Liew Heu Kei, semester 3 Culinology student was awarded with two scholarships at 2021 Research Chefs Association (RCA) Annual Conference. Heu Kei is a great student that has set goals for herself as the future Culinologist. She receive USD 1000 scholarship from Michele Block Memorial Fund under Culinology® Education Foundation. Hew Kei also compete in “Do You Want to Be a Culinologist" competition within the RCA community. The top 10 participants shared their multimedia stories in a Zoom presentation during the RCA+ Conference. Virtual attendees from around the world casted a People’s Choice vote and selected the top three students to be awarded cash scholarships. She was chosen and receive USD 1000 from Flavor 360° Scholarship with her aspiring Culinologist journey and future career planning.


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