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Taylor’s University School of Education Launched Quantum Learning in its Teaching Programme

The Quantum Learning in Teaching (Q-LiT) Programme is a new professional and practical teaching programme offered by Taylor’s University School of Education, in collaboration with Taylor’s International School (TIS). Q-LiT was developed based on the Quantum Learning System by the globally recognised and well-established Quantum Learning Network from the United States of America. Student teachers who participate in this programme will get the opportunity to be involved in professional educator’s workshop, as well as mentorship and practicum at TIS, which is the first school in the world to be certified as a Quantum Learning Distinguished School.

This programme is offered to undergraduate and postgraduate students of Taylor’s University School of Education, including Bachelor of Education (Hons), Master in Teaching and Learning, and Post-graduate Certificate in Teaching and Learning. In this programme, student teachers will be exposed to the best teaching practices anchored by neuroscience and empowerment of creative and confident educators. A richly practical and immersive experience is awaiting student teachers as they are set to undergo a three-day workshop and a twelve-week practicum. Upon successful completion of this programme, each student teacher will obtain a Q-LiT professional certification.


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