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Teamwork or Dream Work? Teamwork in the Professional Environment by Adjunct Professor Shukri Rifaie

Mr. Shukri Rifaie, Adjunct Professor, School of Media & Communication and CEO of Rifaie Chua & Sethi Sdn Bhd was invited to share his experiences and thoughts on teamwork in the professional environment with the students of Advertising and Brand Management Collaborative Project module. The session was entitled “Teamwork, Dream Work? Teamwork in the Professional Environment”.

The students who attended the session were Semester 5 students who are currently working on their final projects. Mr. Shukri related some of his experiences working with good colleagues as well as more difficult ones. He described the differences between a “leader” and a “boss”, and also emphasized the importance of having the right attitude as the root of correct professional behavior.

Around 40 students from the School of Media & Communication participated in this hybrid session with Mr. Shukri Rifaie.


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