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Technology Driving and Sustaining the Future of the Events Industry

The implementation of technology has a great impact in the event industry, it makes event management duties easier and creates a higher level of satisfaction for the event audience. The usage of technology allows better communication, increase in participants’ engagement and most importantly eases the planning process such as venue selection, data collection, promotion, and others. The future development in the event industry using technology is inseparable as the usage of technology allows the creation of potential opportunities for industry.

In order to allow better understanding of event technology, the lecturer for the module Event Technology for Entertainment invited Mr. Yusno Yunos for an expert sharing session. Mr. Yusno, Founder and CEO of Evenesis who graduated in Msc. Information System (Carnegie Mellon University, US) has great interest in the event industry. Hence, Evenesis was founded after Mr. Yusno explored the potential of blending technology with the event industry. The nature of Evenesis is to design software for corporate event planners, professional conference organizers, exhibition organizers, destination management companies, training companies and associations.

With the vast knowledge and experience in the event industry, Mr. Yusno was able to enlighten students. Apart from Event Management degree students other department programme students also joined the session. To discuss the impact of technology towards the growth of event industry for future. In this session, few types of technology were showcased and discussed, which were Modern Event Tech (MET), Pandemic Event Technology (PET), Wearable Event Tech (WET) and Glueable Event Tech (GET).

Mr. Yusno also used Slido to actively engage with students throughout the talk, where students could ask questions whenever they needed clarification. This talk allowed students to understand that virtual events have become a trend in the event industry due to the pandemic. Mr. Yusno also highlighted the technology trends in the event industry as well as the evolution throughout the decades. Mr. Yusno concluded the session by advising the students to use technology and explore the various possibilities in working in event management industry.


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