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A Book Chapter & Online Writing Column by SOMAC Faculty Members

Dr. Kho Suet Nie, Senior Lecturer from School of Media & Communication published a book chapter with Universiti Sains Malaysia. Her chapter, “YouTube: Kewartawanan Video Alaf Baharu di Malaysia,” discussed about how YouTube has evolved into a new and highly effective form of video journalism. The book, titled “Anatomi Kewartawanan Kontemporari di Malaysia,” aimed to be a guide for journalism students and the general public to understand the Malaysian journalism landscape.

In her latest column at Astro Awani, Associate Professor Dr. Roslina Abdul Latif discussed the current situation of online learning or open and distant learning (ODL), which is more popular in public universities and is very stressful for both students and lecturers. It has been over a year and a half, and it's not getting any easier. She then goes on in discussing what students' everyday complaints are, particularly those suffering from depression, which affects their mood, concentration, energy level, and sleep. They are more likely to struggle with academic learning and performance than other students who can cope better.

Students shared their thoughts with Dr. Roslina on the difficulty of coping with online learning, which made them feel depressed, stressed, having suicidal thoughts, and learning to let go. Online learning appears to have lost its novelty for both students and lecturers. We are not necessarily better because we have been doing this for more than a year, we need to get off this roller coaster of online insanity as soon as possible and resume face to face learning.


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