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A Celebration of World Food Safety Day 2024 with Emborg® and Monin®

On June 6th, 2024, Emborg® and Monin® joined force with Taylor's School of Food Studies & Gastronomy and hosted an event in celebration of World Food Safety Day 2024. The event aimed to raise awareness on food safety. Tailored to Gen Z and Gen Alpha preferences, the event featured interactive workshops and informative sessions attended by over 60 students from the Bachelor of Culinary Management, Bachelor of Patisserie Arts, and Bachelor of Science in Culinology programmes.

Emborg® is a family-owned Danish brand established in 1947, renowned for its extensive range of high-quality dairy products, fresh frozen vegetables, and berries. Distributed to over 90 countries worldwide, Emborg prioritizes freshness, nutritional value, and culinary excellence. Whereas, Monin® is a premium French brand with a legacy dating back to 1912, celebrated for its innovative flavor solutions. Beyond beverages, Monin represents a lifestyle rooted in over a century of expertise, emphasizing environmental sustainability, authenticity, and community engagement.

Industry professionals led the interactive workshops, focusing on crucial aspects of food safety such as proper handling, storage techniques, and safe preparation methods using Emborg and Monin products. They emphasized adherence to Malaysian Standards, food safety regulations, allergen management, and the significance of reading food labels for making informed choices. Chef Ahmad Mustaffa from Emborg® and Mixologist Mr. Andrew Loke Choon Yau from Monin® showcased easy-to-make recipes using Emborg’s dairy products and Monin’s syrups, demonstrating safe preparation practices and ingredient selection. Their presentations highlighted practical applications of these principles, emphasizing their role in ensuring food safety.

Overall, the event achieved its goals of raising awareness about food safety among students. It empowered attendees to make informed choices about ingredients, offered practical tips for implementing food safety practices, emphasized the importance of reading food labels, and promoted greater understanding of food safety principles. Through interactive workshops and informative sessions, Emborg® and Monin® successfully engaged with the younger generation, encouraging a positive shift in attitudes towards food safety and responsible food consumption.


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