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A Journey of Hotel Management Students into Hospitality Excellence by Exploring EQ Kuala Lumpur

On 7 June 2024, 30 students from the Diploma in Hotel Management had the privilege to visit EQ Kuala Lumpur, a renowned luxury hotel. The visit was expertly facilitated to provide the students with comprehensive insights into the operational dynamics of a leading hospitality establishment. The day commenced with a gracious welcome from key personnel at EQ Kuala Lumpur, including Ms. Nico Sin, the Learning & Development Manager, Ms. Belinda Liew, Director of Rooms, Ms. Nor Ashikin, Human Resources Director, and team members. Ms. Nico Sin initiated proceedings by acquainting the students with the hotel’s rich history, tracing its evolution from Equatorial Kuala Lumpur to its present-day identity as EQ. This historical context was pivotal in helping the students appreciate the hotel’s heritage and its journey of transformation over the years.

A significant part of the visit was the introduction to EQ Kuala Lumpur’s internship programme, presented by Ms. Nico Sin. She outlined the programme's structure, highlighted the various departments where students could undertake internships, and delineated the expected learning outcomes. This segment was particularly valuable as it provided students with clarity on potential internship opportunities for their upcoming placements in August 2024. Subsequently, Mr. Justin Lee, the Hotel Manager, extended a warm welcome to the students and delivered an inspiring speech. His address not only motivated the students but also deepened their understanding of industry standards and expectations, offering them a glimpse into the professional ethos required in the hospitality sector.

The visit included a comprehensive tour of EQ Kuala Lumpur, where students explored various guest rooms, including the luxurious Presidential Suite, admired for its amenities and meticulous design. They also visited the Sanctum Wellness & Fitness Center, swimming pool, Equator Club Lounge, and renowned dining outlets such as Kampachi Japanese restaurant. Students gained insights into the hotel’s operational backend, including laundry and housekeeping, learning firsthand about the meticulous processes that ensure seamless hotel functioning. The day concluded with an engaging quiz to assess their comprehension and reinforce their knowledge of EQ Kuala Lumpur’s facilities and services. The quiz fostered friendly competition and reinforced the knowledge acquired during the visit.

In summary, the visit to EQ Kuala Lumpur proved to be an enriching experience for the students. It effectively bridged the gap between theoretical knowledge acquired in their academic studies and its practical application in a real-world setting. This firsthand exposure not only enhanced their understanding of hospitality operations but also enriched their educational journey at Taylor’s University, equipping them with invaluable insights and experiences for their future careers in hotel management.


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