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A Master Chef’s Christmas by Taylor's Culinary Institute Adjunct Professor, Chef Jochen Kern

Taylor’s Culinary Institute recently concluded an admired event with our Adjunct Professor, Chef Jochen Kern, WACS Global Master Chef. This event was organized to provide value added learning experience for the students who are taking the Diploma in Culinary Arts programme with the intention of attracting them to further their study into the Advance Diploma programme.

The event was themed as “A Master Chef’s Christmas” in conjunction with the month of December. The students were selected based on the results of a quiz that was tied to the menu of the event. The students were exposed to the essential techniques in western cooking alongside preparing classical Christmas dishes that one would easily find in Europe all under the tutelage of Chef Jochen Kern. The students prepared a 7-item menu and attended a webinar session on a specific dish, Lobster Thermidor.

Both Adjunct Professor Chef Jochen Kern and students had a productive day as skills, techniques, and wisdom we passed down producing a fabulous spread of Christmas delicacies with an exceptional figure in the culinary industry.


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