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A Showcase of Chocolate Sculptures by Bachelor of Patisserie Arts Students at Taylor's University

As an integral component of the pastry students' educational journey, the School of Food Studies & Gastronomy organized a showcase highlighting 'The Art of Sugar and Chocolate Work' module at the end of the February 2024 semester. The showcase provided a platform for the exhibition of students' final projects after completing 14 immersive practical sessions. The students from Taylor’s University and College were graciously invited to view and appreciate these showcased creations.

Four groups of Bachelor of Patisseries Arts students presented their chocolate creations in the Artist Kitchen, following the Rustic Ikebana concept. The students created a stunning chocolate floral arrangement with orange-yellow hues, incorporating natural elements like bark, pillars, ornamental leaves, and roots. Under the expert guidance of Chef Lecturer Shahril Nizam Shamsudin, the students meticulously crafted and assembled their chocolate elements for a flawless presentation.

Esteemed external chefs, including Chef Charles Lim, were invited to evaluate and provide feedback on the students' artwork. Chef Charles Lim, a renowned Pastry Chef who is also the winner of Asian Pastry Cup 2022 and the representative of Malaysia at the prestigious Pastry World Cup 2023 (Coupe du Monde de la Patisserie 2023), offered valuable insights and mentorship to the students, enhancing their learning experience and career development.

This showcase not only highlighted the exceptional talents of Taylor's pastry students, but also aimed to attract prospective students to the Bachelor of Patisserie Arts (Hons) programme. By exhibiting the students' remarkable skills and creativity, while simultaneously assessing their performance in the module, this initiative reinforced the programme's unwavering dedication to excellence.


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