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A Workshop with Adjunct Assoc. Prof. Eileen Khor on "Data & Its Role in Creative Content Planning"

Adjunct Associate Professor Eileen Khor was invited to an Advertising Campaign on 7th October 2021 to conduct a session on data analytics. The session was titled “Data and Its Role in Creative Content Planning.” The students in the class were Semester 5 students currently working on their final projects. Data analytics is the newest and rapidly expanding sector of the advertising industry, and Eileen specializes in it as Head of Creative Innovation with ADA.

Ms. Eileen gave an overview of the role of data in the industry and demonstrated some of the social media listening tools that they used to track audience sentiment. A 30-minute breakout room session was conducted to allow the students to work on a simple exercise in describing a persona or consumer profile for a Christmas campaign for the NGO World Vision.

Eileen then gave feedback on some of the work before concluding by briefly going over the Hero-Hub-Hygiene concept for content. The session ended after a Q&A session. Around 50 participants from the School of Media & Communication attended the webinar.


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