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Much-awaited Guest Lecture Session with World Renowned Psychologist Prof. Dr. Deborah Turnbull

Prof. Dr. Deborah Turnbull, Chair of Psychology from University of Adelaide was invited to deliver a much-awaited guest lecture for the module, titled "Intermediate Research and Statistics" for the Master of Clinical Psychology students. Prof. Turnbull has been researching in health and clinical psychology for over 20 years. Her major contributions have been in relation to breast and colorectal cancer screening and maternity care. Her work has influenced the development of services in Australia. Much of her group's recent National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) funded work is conducted via collaboration with the Cancer Council of South Australia, Flinders University and Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).

Prof. Turnbull's has served on the National Cancer Control Initiative as well as the Communication and Education Task Group of the Commonwealth Bowel Screening Pilot. She has been a member of the National Institute of Clinical Studies Hospital Advisory Group and has held numerous national and international level appointments in her specialized field of work. The students learned a lot from her research experiences and knowledge on comparison studies as well as analyzing qualitative data. We believe that the students will apply their knowledge from this module to their research project before they graduate as full-fledged practicing clinical psychologists.


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