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Adapting Communications Work to COVID – 19 Restrictions from Industry Perspective

How do Public Relations professionals work during this Movement Control Order (MCO)? Bringing the students of Public Relations to what is happening in the world today, the School of Media and Communication organized a webinar with Miss Elliza Abdul Rahim on 22nd April 2020.

Miss Elliza Abdul Rahim is the Adjunct Professor for Public Relations programmes, School of Media and Communication, Taylor’s University. In this webinar, she shared with the participants how her company, Essence-Burson, Cuhn & Wolfe worked with their clients and their business partners who were located in other parts of the world during this lockdown.

Apart from the lecturers and students from Taylor’s University, this one-hour session was also attended by participants from other universities such as Sunway University and Wollongong University. There was a 15-minute Q & A session which was gladly taken up by the students to pose their questions.

Despite the current lockdown in Malaysia and many parts of the world, the School of Media and Communication was inspired to organize this PR Webinar due to the fact that technology in communication can be maximized to bring the industry closer to its diverse students via varieties of meeting platforms.


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