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"American Dream: Then and Now" by Eminent Scholar, Commentator & Columnist - Dr. Oh Ei Sun

The Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program (ADTP) organized a recruitment webinar recently which featured their Industry Advisory Panel member, eminent scholar, commentator and columnist, Dr. Oh Ei Sun. He is currently the Principal Adviser at the Pacific Research Center of Malaysia and Chairman of the KKIP Aerospace Training Center based in East Malaysia. The webinar was well attended by around 60 students who are keen to pursue undergraduate studies in the United States of America and Canada.

The event was moderated by Anastasia Adrian, a third semester Liberal Arts major from Taylor’s ADTP. Dr. Oh spoke passionately about his years in the United States of America, drawing emphasis to the holistic learning experience that he was exposed to while he was pursuing his undergraduate studies in engineering and postgraduate studies in business administration and law. His sharing focused on ‘The American Dream: Then and Now’ – how the American dream has evolved over time.

Despite having left American shores a long time ago, Dr. Oh still proudly refers to himself as an Americanophile. He went on to iterate that it was his American experience and exposure that educated him on the ‘true’ meaning of democracy. Dr. Oh was very candid when responding to questions from the audience. He advised students not to be fixated with their respective majors when pursuing their degrees, instead, to explore outside these parameters and take every opportunity to pick up new knowledge or skill sets along the way.


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