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American Festival 2021 in Conjunction with ADTP's 25th Anniversary Celebrations

On the 30th of October 2021, Taylor’s American Degree Transfer Program held their first e-American Festival over Zoom with more than 200 attendees. Am-Fest 2021 took place in conjunction with Taylor’s ADTP’s 25th anniversary, and featured class projects by Taylor's ADTP students from various majors including business, economics, applied sciences, engineering, computer science, and liberal arts. The event consisted of multiple activities, starting with an insightful presentation by special guest speaker Mr. Seth Walker, Associate Director of Indiana University’s Office of International Services, who shared tips on applying and transferring to Indiana University.

Following this was the Games Session and Knowledge Hunt. Attendees were split into breakout rooms and played American-themed, in which players had to draw an American-themed word and other players had to guess what word was being drawn. The Knowledge Hunt was taking place simultaneously in the main room, where other attendees could watch the videos made by ADTP students. When the attendees returned from the breakout rooms, they played a Memory Game in which participants were shown a series of photos relating to American culture and were challenged to memorize the order of the pictures.

They then participated in a Quiz Challenge that required students to answer questions relating to the videos shown during the Knowledge Hunt and on Instagram under #taylorsamfest2021. Finally, the event concluded with the Closing Ceremony led by ADTP Program Director, Dr. Loh Kah Heng, and a Prize Giving ceremony for the winners of each activity.


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