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Appointments of Adjunct Professors to Cement Bachelor of Social Science’s with Industrial Practice

Taylor’s has developed two new Social Science degrees which have been designed collaboratively with leading industry partners and will be delivered in the Work-Based Learning (WBL) pedagogy to produce industry-ready graduates. The two new programmes, Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in International Relations (BSS-IR) and Bachelor of Social Science (Honours) in Social Innovation in Change (BSS-SIC) will be launched in April 2021. In line with the vision of the programme to create graduates who will be the “Transformational Leaders of Tomorrow who are capable to understand as well as to analyze societal needs and challenges,” the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences has appointed several Adjunct Professors.

These national and international thought leaders will serve as advocates and successful role models for Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), co-teach modules to nurture the students as future leaders, and establish and grow industry partnership with partner industrial organisations, international organisations, and relevant local, state and national government agencies. We are pleased to welcome our newly appointed Adjuncts to lead the way for the ever-closer relations of the programme to the industrial practice and leadership.

Dato’ Dr. Wan Abdul Halim is one of the pioneers and champions of Clinical Sociology in Malaysia. Academically, he was trained at Monash University, Australia for his bachelor’s degree and University of Bristol, England for his MSc, and PhD in Sociology. He has experimented in several successful social innovation initiatives in the last 40 years.

He has served as a government servant, university professor, a research consultant, CEO of a state-owned company and the advisor to a government cabinet committee on social issues. He is currently a freelance social activist and recently co-authored a critical book entitled “Clinical Sociology: Moving from Theory to Practice”.

Based on his immense experiences in teaching, research and publication as well as his role as an agent of social change at communal, organizational, national and international levels, his role in this programme would propel paradigm shifts among students beyond conventional social science degree training offered around the world. He will be among one of the course co-designers and guest lecturers of this programme, provide opportunities for students to partake in community-based innovative programmes, as well as conduct relevant workshops to further equip graduates to be agents of social change.

Dr. Safuwan Samah has vast working experiences in the private sector as well as several ministries including the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Ministry of Education, Ministry of International Trade and Industry and Prime Minister Office. He is currently working as a Senior Public Sector Specialist at the World Bank Group.

He has been involved in major projects within the fields of international investment, youth and sports development, higher education policy, international trade and industry development, and human resource development throughout his career.

Dr. Safuwan is a strong believer in the much-needed role that social scientists can and should play in both the private and government sectors. Hence his role as a guest lecturer and part of the Emerging Leaders Greenhouse programme would contribute towards shaping the students as social scientist leaders in the near future.

Mr. Asrif Yusoff is currently the Head of People Strategy at PETRONAS. He joined the company as an analyst in 2007 and has held various roles in strategic planning, business development, and joint venture management. Mr. Asrif holds a Masters in Social Innovation degree from Cambridge University, an MBA from Imperial College London and a bachelor's degree in Industrial Engineering from Northwestern University.

He is also a doctoral candidate at Durham University. Mr. Asrif has numerous experiences in training, coaching and mentoring, and is an active volunteer for youth development and empowerment programmes. As a graduate of Social Innovation programme from Cambridge University and having immense experiences of applying social change within and beyond his attached organization, students will be able to learn firsthand from an industry leader how his social science degree has been beneficial in the working world through his guest lectures and Emerging Leaders Greenhouse programme.


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