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Aviation & Tourism: The Wake of Covid-19 by Guest Speaker Ms. Lau Yin May from Malaysia Airlines Bhd

The School of Hospitality, Tourism & Events organized a guest lecture session with Ms. Lau Yin May, the Group Chief Marketing and Customer Experiences Officer (GCMCXO) of Malaysia Airlines Berhad and Industry Advisory Panel (IAP) of Taylor’s University. The session, titled ‘Aviation and Tourism: The Wake of Covid-19’ started with some brief information about Malaysia Airlines, its history, and the MH aviation group.

Ms. Lau Yin May said that the airline industry had been the hardest hit industry, from travel restrictions to flight cancellations due to the effects of Covid-19. She shared with the students that Malaysia Airlines Berhad had lost RM2.1 billion from airport operators, including Malaysia Airports Holdings Bhd (MAHB) and Senai Airport Terminal Services Sdn Bhd. Since this module is related to risk in the event and tourism industry, Ms. Lau Yin May also shared with the students the action taken by Malaysia Airlines Berhad to counter the challenges caused by the pandemic.

They implemented few alternatives strategies such as temptations home delivery, fly now pay later, MHflypass, MH holidays, MH home cooks and MHartisans. The sharing session concluded with Q&A which students asked questions related to the risk and challenges faced by Malaysia Airlines Berhad in 2020, and their expectations for the future of the aviation industry. Ms. Lau Yin May also shared a link for the students to key in their information details to obtain a souvenir from Malaysia Airlines.


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