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Benns Ethicoa Chocolate Factory Tour

Taylor’s Culinary Institute (TCI) Chefs had an opportunity to go on a chocolate factory tour by a Malaysian bean to bar chocolate, Benns Ethicoa Chocolate. The tour taught the whole process of ethical bean to Bar chocolate production.

All TCI lecturers gained more insight on how chocolate is being produced and how different plantations contain different flavour profiles. Benns Ethicoa looks forward to having a collaboration with TCI to promote Malaysian Produced Chocoates at Taylor’s. The objective of this tour was to enhance the knowledge of Taylor’s Culinary Institute staff about local chocolate so that they could incorporate information learned in their classes.

The tour also brought together TCI staff who were able to spend time outside the University amidst the “online new normal”. Benns Ethicoa not only proves that Asia can be a source of premium chocolate at its finest but is also able to directly source its beans from farmers.


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