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BERNAMA Press: Speculative Futility by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Roslina Abdul Latif on State of Emergency

In her latest column, Associate Professor Dr. Roslina Abdul Latif talks about the state of emergency that was announced on 12 January 2021 and what it entails? The aim of this extraordinary measure is to tackle the surging COVID-19 pandemic, as it empowers the government to focus on tackling the menace unobstructed. The reasoning seemed sensible as the day the emergency was declared, Malaysia reported 3,309 new cases, breaking a record for the highest daily record. The number of new cases has been on the rise steadily since September last year.

She also goes on to discuss how politicians can be so detached from the reality. Rather than focusing attention on the recent floods that hit the country and the pandemic, there is still politicking by certain quarters and notions of a coup. This current situation has no doubt given the government a reprieve of sorts. But it does not stop the persistent call for snap elections from different quarters. Election speculation has always become a parlour pastime in these situations; traditional warung or mamak chatter – mostly harmless but the very devil’s workshop for idle minds.

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