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BFM Interview - Let's Talk: Men's Mental Health by Mr. Justin Victor

Interviewed on BFM, as people continue to grapple with the prolonged social isolation and financial uncertainties amidst the COVID-19 situation, what toll is this taking on people’s mental health, and is this contributing to a rise in suicidal ideation?

BFM interviewed Mr. Justin Victor, Chairman of Befrienders KL and Senior Lecturer, School of Media and Communication, as well as Ms. Anita Abu Bakar, President of the Mental Illness Awareness & Support Association or MIASA, to discuss the impact of the pandemic on rising suicide cases and the role of helplines in lending an ear to those who need it most.

The impact of how reporting of suicides is done was discussed and Mr. Justin Victor shared about the contagion effect and how important appropriate portrayal of incidences is crucial to avoid triggering others from attempting suicide. He also spoke of the basic human communication that the general public can do to begin helping someone in distress.

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