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Brewing Perfection | Mastering the Art of Coffee Brewing with Certified SCA Barista, Cadence Sim

Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI) proudly invited Ms. Cadence Sim, Taylor's Adjunct Senior Lecturer to conduct a transformative three-day guest lecture series for Diploma in Hotel Management students. Collaborating with Ms. Michelle Lee, the Module Leader for 'Mixology and Barista', students had the opportunity to learn from an esteemed expert in the field. Ms. Cadence Sim demonstrated unparalleled expertise in coffee brewing techniques throughout the guest lecture series. She introduced students to various brewing devices, including V60, AeroPress, French Press, Clever Dripper, and Diamond.

The session covered an in-depth exploration of the brewing process, encompassing device usage, extraction order, wetting techniques, and the critical elements influencing the final cup of coffee. In addition to the coffee brewing skills, students were exposed to the art of coffee cupping. Under Ms. Cadence Sim's guidance, they delved into the physiology of taste and aroma, learned about various sensory analysis tests, and gained insights into the operation of a cupping session. During the session, they also explored the myriad coffee attributes, utilizing the Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) Flavor Wheel to refine their sensory evaluation skills.

As a highlight of the guest lecture series, students had the privilege of visiting Ms. Cadence Sim's state-of-the-art coffee lab located in Putra Heights. The well-equipped lab showcases an impressive array of coffee machines, grinders, and cutting-edge equipment, providing a hands-on experience to complement their theoretical learning.

Ms. Cadence Sim's credentials extend beyond her barista mastery; she is a certified SCA Barista and the owner of Emery School of Coffee Training Lab and Café. Her illustrious journey as a Barista has led her to excel in prestigious international barista competitions, even serving as a Head Judge for the World Barista Championship. Her wealth of experience and accolades offers students a unique and transformative perspective, leaving a lasting impact on their understanding of the art of coffee preparation and appreciation.

The institute extended its heartfelt gratitude to Ms. Cadence Sim for sharing her expertise and passion with our students, and looks forward to further collaborations with her in the future.


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