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'Campur2 Nasi Lemak' Merdeka Commercial Reels Saw Digital Media Production Apprentices in Action

Shortly after the end of the March 2023 semester, three Digital Media Production students - Siti Sofea Binti Sheik Mohd Amizi; Chan Xue Enn and Nor Hasiena Mirza were granted internship opportunities with Taylor’s University's Digital, Technology & Content Team. Throughout their apprenticeship, the interns prepared pitch decks and created individual Instagram Reels promoting this year’s Merdeka commercial 'Campur2', in partnership with Denhouse Production. Denhouse Productions is a collaborative video production house based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Denhouse's philosophy and approach to video-making is rooted in collaboration, purposeful thought, and deeply understanding the story or message we want to share.

The interns also got the chance to shadow the crew behind the commercial. As a homage to Malaysians and their love of food, the commercial was set at a nasi lemak stall, celebrating Malaysia’s multicultural diversity. Upon arrival, the interns set out to shoot and prepare footage of the tech crew setting up for the shoot, as well as the talents getting ready for their close-ups with the makeup and wardrobe departments.

The interns had opportunity to learn about the magic that happens behind each production. Each intern provided a different perspective, giving viewers insights on everything relating to the production; from the idea and concept behind 'Campur2' to the execution, as well as what it was like to be on set at a commercial shoot.

They also had the chance to speak with Adriana, the Creative Director of Denhouse Production who came up with the commercial’s initial concept and the Director of 'Campur2', who walked the interns through the execution of the one-taker. With the cumulative footage from the shoot, the interns went on to compose and edit their reels to be posted on Taylor’s University's Instagram page, with continuous collaborative feedback from Taylor’s Creative Team to create the best outcome possible.

This opportunity prepared the interns for future industry opportunities, particularly when revisions are done to meet a client’s expectations. They were very grateful for the chance to visit the set and hope to see more students partake in similar opportunities with the university.


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