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Celebrity Chef Malcolm Goh with Taylor’s Culinary Institute Students During a Chef Series

After a 2 years hiatus, Truffle’s restaurant was once again bustling with life and magic. Taylor's Culinary Institute (TCI) organized a Celebrity Chef Series on the 16th March 2022 where the Advance Diploma in Patisserie & Gastronomic Cuisine (ADC) students offered a spectacular dining experience to diners alongside celebrity Chef Malcolm Goh, an expert in the local and international scene and Asian Food channel, his concocted 7 course menu displayed a wide range of molecular techniques that the students had to prepare under his tutelage for the event.

The students covered a total of twelve molecular techniques with Chef Malcolm Goh to deliver works of arts like the “Penne Carbonara” which was a pre-dessert and Sous Vide Charred Tauchu Duck with Raspberry Leather. This event was done for the second-year ADC students as part of their syllabus that covers molecular cuisine and to create marketing content as food bloggers were also present during the dinner.


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