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Crafting Seamless Hospitality Experiences Through Operations

Taylor's School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events (SHTE) organized an expert sharing session entitled 'Crafting Seamless Hospitality Experiences Through Operations' as part of their teaching and learning activities. The session was attended by 120 students from various programmes, including Bachelor of International Hospitality Management (Hons.), Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons.) (Events Management), Bachelor of International Tourism Management (Hons.), Bachelor of Culinary Management (Hons.) and Bachelor of Patisserie Arts (Hons.).

Mr. Davidson Joseph, the General Manager of Citadines Pearl Hoi An, was invited as a guest speaker to share his expertise for the 'Business of Hospitality, Food and Leisure Management' module.

Mr. Davidson highlighted his accomplishments in the field, showcasing his valuable experience as a General Manager. During his talk, Mr. Davidson presented the largest hotel chains ranking in the world and emphasized the importance of customer service, a crucial skill that all hospitality students need to learn and apply in their future careers. He specifically addressed how a hospitality staff should treat and serve the customers excellently. His insights provided valuable guidance on handling customer interactions, ensuring a positive and memorable experience for all guests.

The students actively participated in the session and posed various queries related to the hospitality industry. Mr. Davidson enthusiastically answered each of them, sharing his knowledge and expertise with the students. The session concluded with Mr. Davidson leaving the students with a thought-provoking closing remark. Overall, the expert sharing session with Mr. Davidson Joseph was deemed as an invaluable experience by the students. His confidence, experience and valuable insights left a lasting impression on the attendees, further enriching their understanding of the hospitality industry and the importance of seamless customer experiences.


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