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Crisis Management: New Challenges and Opportunities During and After the COVID-19

On 27th April 2020, Dr. Jeetesh Kumar, Senior Lecturer from School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events was invited by Institute of Tourism and Hotel Management, Far Eastern University, Philippines, to deliver a virtual sharing session entitled “Crisis Management - New Challenges and Opportunities During and After the COVID-19”.

The crowd of more than 200 participants from Malaysia, India, Israel, Philippines and USA attended the session via ZOOM, Facebook Live and YouTube Live. During the 90-minute session, Dr. Jeetesh presented significant facts and statistics of traveler who cancelled or postponed their travel plans, industries directly impacted by the epidemic, critical victory features to recapture the market and the ten questions to rule out crisis paralysis were shared with participants.

The virtual sharing session was initiated by Mr. Johncent Mendoza Del Rosario, Assistant Program Head (Tourism) at Far Eastern University followed by an opening speech by Dr. Joy Sheelah, Dean ITHM, Far Eastern University, Philippines and Dr. Joaquim Dias Soeiro, Head of School of Hospitality, Tourism and Events, Faculty of Social Sciences and Leisure Management, Taylor's University, Malaysia.


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