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Culinary Webinar “A Visual Journey into Malaysian Cuisine: Authentic to Fine Dining”

On 24th April 2020, Chef Sharizan Azali, Chef Lecturer from Bachelor of Science (Hons) Culinology was invited by AJK College of Arts & Science, affiliated with Bharathiar University of India, to deliver a virtual sharing session entitled “A Visual Journey into Malaysian Cuisine: Authentic to Fine Dining”.

A group of 60 students and lecturers from the Department of Catering Science & Hotel Management and Taylor’s University School of Food Studies & Gastronomy attended the Webinar. The 90-minute session introduced the transitory elements and facts pertaining to Malaysia and its cultural gastronomical aspects; specifically towards the modernization of Malaysian cuisine and the significant transition from authentic to fine dining transformation.

The great effort by Chef Sharizan in conducting this culinary webinar was highly appreciated by AJK CAS’ Principal, Dr. B. Satheesh Kumar and all the participants.


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